A downloadable game for Android

Count 'em, is a game where numbers pop up randomly on the screen in a sequence where you have to press them in order, you can also compete with the online Leader-board. There's also a store where you can customize your game, the game is lots of fun to play, getting a high score can be really tough we hope you enjoy our game!

You can get it on the Play store as well!



Count 'Em.apk 28 MB


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Hey! I really enjoyed playing your game, it's a really challenging and addictive experience. I like hard games, the games where you have to either 100% focus or just grind it to beat your high scores. 

I'd like to invite you to participate to our Game Development World Championship!


1st of all, i'm really really sorry for the late reply.

2nd THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I'd be super happy to submit! (if its not to late yet) i really appreciate you playing my game, means a lot to me!